WHY Free Photo Sessions?!

Updated: Jan 5

To the photographers who have reached out asking "WHY $0 for a session cost - aren't you worried you won't be paid for your time?" OR "I can't believe you are offering sessions for $0 - not cool".

To the photographers who have been watching, but haven't reached out like some, but are stewing on that very same question and comment..

Allow me to explain:


1. I have had clients complain about other photographers session costs only to be disappointed by the images they received.

Once upon a time I had a client book a free session with me. this client expressed their shock and excitement that they literally didn't have to pay ANYTHING to book their time slot. During our session, like most sessions I have, a friendship began to blossom - a trust where anything said would be received with understanding. With the foundation set, my client articulated, "I will be coming to you many more times in the future, the fact that I don't have to pay a session cost literally takes the pressure away! I paid $500 for my last session and only like ONE photo - it was so disappointing!"

WOW! Right?!

In offering a $0 session cost it allows the client to feel good about choosing to invest in the images they choose if they want to. Yes, it is a risk to accept $0 for the session - but chances are clients will love a handful of photos provided and that time spent will be worth it for both myself and my client.

2. EVERYONE deserves to have the opportunity to have their photos taken - to receive images that they can treasure for a lifetime!

I don't know about you, but before I revamped my photography business I owned a gym that was shut down due to COVID. No one wanted to come in and workout anymore because of the fear instilled by the MSM. And, like myself, many others were unemployed because of this pandemic as well. For me it will take a few years to recover financially from shutting down my gym space; I assume I am not alone in this. Therefore, offering a $0 session costs allows those who are also suffering financially from this pandemic to still enjoy the pleasure and privilege of getting their photos done without breaking the bank. Do I need the money? SURE! Do I care MORE about my client having access to my service? YES!

Worst case, someone can only afford 1 photo at $20. THATS OKAY with me. Because in 5 years that photo will still be valuable to the family, couple, individual, whoever it is and that is why I am in this business in the first place. This service allows me to offer something that money can't ever replace -- valuable moments captured in time for everyone.

3. It allows for clients to easily come back multiple times!

Listen, if you have a disposable income where you can afford getting photos done every 3-6 months - good on you! :) However, that isn't the case for everyone. For the single mom who wants photos with her kids to track their growth but can't afford $300 plus cost of additional images every 3-6 months, to the newly engaged couple budgeting for their wedding and simply wanting to try out a photographer that may work for their wedding date, to the family who makes enough to put food on the table and a roof over their heads but not enough to enjoy the privilege of getting family photos done every year due to cost... THESE people deserve the opportunity to have their treasured moments captured as well. Which is why it is my absolute honor to provide this service to the mountain communities of Colorado.

Getting your photos taken is a privilege - and I simply want to make it accessible to more people whether they have the money to splurge or not. Everyone deserves to have images they can look back on and smile. With the status of our world, such moments can bring a sense of joy in one's life. It does for me!

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