3 Tips For the DIY Bride!

You're engaged and next step is getting married! YAY you!

So what's next?

1. Create your budget

Think about what is important to you on your special day and start budgeting!

must haves:

A venue

An officiant


A Dress




A Photographer!!

Do you want to add on:

An open bar

Table settings

Wedding Favors

Gifts for your Bridesmaids/Groomsmen


A DJ for a reception and dancing

List out what you want and start looking up average pricing - call around and get to know your potential vendors! How they communicate is just as important as what they are providing for your special day!

2. Of course I'm going to say - Find a photographer you love!

As your photographer I put together a recommended timeline for your special day based on best lighting. This is helpful for the DIY bride because chances are you haven't put together a wedding before and a recommended timeline is going to be a huge help in putting together all the pieces for your special day.

I also provide a shot list where you tell me what you for sure want:

First look?

Family photos? Is there a divorce I should know about where two parents might not want to stand together?

All the things we want to be on the same page about :)

Furthermore, The photos from your wedding day are the ONE thing you'll have to cherish FOREVER (aside from the company of your spouse of course;)

3. Do your best to stay organized!

Pick up a binder and keep it next to your bed!

we all know that you're most likely searching for, and booking vendors, on your phone after work laying in bed; so, keep your binder next to your bed so you can grab it easily and write down the details.

Create folders in your email to save confirmations for reference.

This will be a huge help if you end up with any vendors you didn't realize weren't great at follow up! Everyone does their best to avoid the vendor who isn't great at communicating - alas, it happens so stay prepared!

And there you have it my beautiful Bride!

Happy Planning!

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