3 Reasons Winter Photo-Sessions are the BEST!

Let me premise this by saying - yes, I know it can be COLD, but we wouldn't be living in COLORADO, of all places, if we didn't enjoy the snow at least a little bit!

So, even though I can see you - person who would rather pose in the sunshine - let me tell you why winter sessions are WAY better!

1. The Lighting!

Number one on every decent photographers checklist is: "will there be good lighting?" And we can count on those snowy days to deliver. Even if (especially if) the sun isn't out and its overcast the lighting is AWESOME! It makes for some light and bright deliciousness in every image - which, if you're trying to up your insta game - you just can't go wrong!

2. Show-case the Beauty we Experience in this Beautiful State!

I'm assuming a handful of you cool cats and kittens (hah;) moved to this region is for ski season. I know with COVID -- this put a damper on the enjoyment of such; but if you're a native to COLORADO like me, you still find places to make it happen. ALAS! If you're a snow bunny or even visit during these specific months - why not get your photo taken?! You like bundling up, and nothing is more fantastic than a romantic (or just flat fantastic) wintery image of yourself and your family to treasure FOREVER. *sigh, sigh, sigh*

3. You can still dress like a boss-a**-biotch!

It doesn't have to be thick scarfs and heavy jackets (even though that can look good too). You can dress up like the classy human you are! We're in the fancy mountainous society after all!

So dress to impress and get those winter shots to showcase how B.A. you are 365 days a year -- not JUST during summer and fall.

For those of you in and around Evergreen, Golden, Littleton, Conifer, and Bailey: let's do it! Book Here:

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